Mr. Suresh Patel

The present era is full of competition with rising expectations of corporate from business managers and entrepreneurs. To emerge a leader in this scenario one need to be innovative in this competitive and changing environment.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Management is the most preferred program for achieving successful carrier. One needs to be very cautious and vigilant for his carrier. Individuals holding management degrees acquired after pursuing the course are mostly preferred employers. Management at SIBM offers great exposure and unique learning experience along with absolute grooming of personality.

Now the business managers and entrepreneurs have to work in an ever changing environment where future can only be envisaged and not foreseen. The students of SIBM will be trained to believe in the credo “Change is the only constant”.

The two year MBA programme focuses on preparing students to be management professionals. We focus upon intensive training for complete development of the students to meet the vibrant challenges of complex global business problems.

We aim to create a Management Institute, which devotes adequate resources on creating new knowledge and influence practices.